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PT Sanusa Teknologi Utama is a Company Engaged in Information & Communication Technology (ICT).

Established in Bogor, Indonesia in 2011. At the beginning of the establishment, PT. SANUSA Teknologi Utama focuses its efforts on Smartcard and HRMS (Human Resources Management System). Currently, the company extent its business to compete with other company to develop the information and communication technology sector.

Supported by company infrastructure, creativity, dedication and expertise with long experience as well as an extensive network makes PT SANUSA Teknologi Utama as one of the major players in services provider and consultant information and communication technology. PT SANUSA Teknologi Utama operates in a structured and systematic way so that we could gain trust from our partners who come from various backgrounds and interests, whether personal, business entities and government agencies.


successful projects


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Our Vision.

To become a leading Communications and Information Technology Company in providing products and IT/IOT services as Partner Solution Developer

Our Mission.

Team Work

Promoting professionalism and team work in providing quality services.


Developing competitive IT & iOT product

24/7 Support

Customer Oriented


Developing cooperation and a mutually beneficial partnership


Innovation in every technology in order to give the best and updated product


Improving benefit and added value for customer and stake holder

Our Motto.

Simplicity of Total Solution: Every package IT solution that we offer have motto Simplicity of Total Solution with Maximum Result Useful, User Friendly, and Usability

Product & Service

Automation System

PT Sanusa Teknologi Utama is a firm in engineerinng, consulting, manufacturing and integration of automated production systems. We also provide innovative technological production systems, technological solutions to many customer in the field of manufacturing and industrial processes with the help out of our team of qualified experts in automation, instrumentation and information systems.

Our talented resources focus their energy in helping business meet the challenges of todays new economic realities, such as globalization, competitivness and ever changing commodity and energy prices.

Several examples of project that we have developed as follows:

  • Project Management
  • Project consulting
  • Designing
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Factory Instalation
  • Power Monitoring & Management
  • Asset Tracking & Warehouse Management System

Software Development

In  the existence in the field of information technology, we have developed several products of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which is a combination of back-office products, where all data ranging from sales order to production, procurement, logistics, warehouse,asset, invoicing, recruitment, overtime, employee salaries, various taxes, and their reports are integrated in one system

By using those products we believe all work can be done faster, easier, effective and efficient. Several examples of products that we have developed as follows :

  • Billing & accounting for Property management System
  • Point of sales & resto management system
  • Attendance & Payroll Human Resources management system
  • SMS Gate way
  • Web & Mobile Aplication
  • COOFIS ( Colaboration Office)
  • DMS ( Data Management System)


Indonesia is now moving towards smart buildings, as the market for building energy management systems (BEMS) in Southeast Asia is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.2% to 2020, new research finds. According to Frost & Sullivan’s BEMS Market in Southeast Asia, Forecast to 2020, next-generation IT solutions such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) are enabling the development of a new class of BEMS that offer both comfort and optimised energy performance. These systems hold great promise for commercial and industrial buildings in particular, as they can facilitate remote monitoring, energy efficiency, and systems optimisation. Most market players, even those from outside the traditional building automation markets, have already begun to introduce cloud-based BEMS platforms and services.

Addressing this growing need in smart industrial, commercial and residential buildings, building and system automation covers everything needed in this fast-evolving space—intelligent ways of using electricity, smart grids and metering, energy efficiency solutions, innovative lighting, building systems and automation, smart sensors and security, HVAC and lifts offerings. There is a particular focus on energy efficiency in buildings as it is responsible for more than 40% of the primary energy consumption in Indonesia—due to Indonesia’s hot and humid climate.


Closed television surveillance (CCTV) systems have made tremendous technological advances in the last decade, not only in individual capabilities, but also in the ability to be able to handle other security technologies. Initially CCTV was only used as a monitoring tool, but along with technological developments, especially Artificial Intelligence, the development of CCTV with the application of AI in it supports business activities both in government, manufacturing and other industries.

  • Smart Surviellance for Smart City
  • Smart Surviellance for Manufacturing
  • Smart CCTV for Transportation

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